Customize your cabinets with our plates !

For more than 75 years, our plates are used for goods of consumption but also in industry. We know perfectly the marking and screen printing technologies.

Industrial marking, screen printing, etching chemical or mechanical, our knowledge do allows us to meet the demands of all sectors of activity: luxury, jewellery, cosmetics etc…


Thus, we realize metal labels and plastic labels for all your projects.


For all type of Box and Cabinet

Luxury case


Kit cosmetics


Perfume Box

Cabinet spirits


Different technologies

Industrial marking

Our industrial marking solutions allow you to communicate, report or to meet the different regulations in force. For 75 years, Chimicolor covers your needs in terms of regulatory markings, identifications or communications. Our plates are everywhere in your daily life and in all sectors of activity: nameplates (emergency exit), plates of identifications (road transport), or even prestige plates. Our solutions also meet the growing demand of the companies in terms of marketing, wishing to put forward their brands through different objects or goodies such as: pens, USB keys, bags, mugs… Our industrial marking solutions allow the development of products of exceptions such as wine, champagne or perfumes, red lips etc…

Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing has many advantages. It allows an important and guaranteed deposit of ink, an intense color, lasting with good opacity. In addition it is economically an interesting process, including for small prints. Silkscreen printing is recognizable with a simple magnifying glass: no frame will be visible. Screen printing is used for objects in volume, where for non-flexible media. It allows to print patterns at pace on paper, paperboard, wood, plastics, metals, glass, textiles and many others still. Screen printing is used in many fields of industry: signage, advertising, textiles, electronics.

Chemical engraving

The “wet” chemical engraving is the used technical main. The substrate is dipped in an acid solution, which will chemically attack to mark the surface. The acid used depends on the type of substrate, can be hydrofluoric, hydrochloric and citric acid. The chemical etching presents many advantages and can be industrialized. However it has a disadvantage with small scale (< 50nm), when the burn areas are too close together. Mechanical (or dry) engraving was developed to compensate for this kind of problem.

Mechanical engraving/h5>

Mechanical engraving is a process of industrial marking machine and dig the material of a piece with precision through a numerically controlled machine. This technique provides a precision as well as an optimum durability. Most metals, alloys and plastics and polymers can be processed. Our machines, combined with our knowledge do we allow engravings on plates in small or large quantities for your needs in industrial nameplates or your communications. Digital engraving advantages are multiple and will allow you to benefit from a durable marking, a contrast important and good readability. More mechanical marking flexibility associated with our digital tools allow the numbering or customization of variable data of an object to another.

A know-how and machinery of exception